How It Works


Curvy Girl Boutique offers trade for your preloved items NOW, NOT later. WE take in quality merchandise for trade 3 days of every week EXCLUDING holidays and sale weeks. Your in-store credit is valid for a whole year.

 Trade days are usually SATURDAYS (11AM-4PM) and TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS (11AM-4PM) on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Please let us know if you have a time restraint when signing in. We go through your items while you shop and we take ALL that we can. We accept women's PLUS SIZE clothing size LARGE/14W through 36 /7X. Shoe sizes 8 and up. ALL CLOTHING including BRAS* SLEEPWEAR* BATHING SUITS * SHOES* ACCESSORIES* PURSES or HANDBAGS are taken at Curvy Girl Boutique’s discretion.

We accept women’s’ plus size clothing SIZE XL or 14W and ABOVE. Shoe sizes 8 and up. ALL CLOTHING including BRAS/SLEEPWEAR/BATHING SUITS/ SHOES ACCESSORIES/PURSES are taken at CGB’s discretion.

We OFFER 50% OF Curvy Girl Boutique’s (approximate) VALUE of IN-STORE CREDIT to be used in the location the items were brought into and cannot be combined with coupons and/or discounts. Your store credit Can NOT be used on internet or phone purchases. You are under no obligation to accept our offer. Store credit expires after a year.

There is NO LIMIT on number of items that you trade in or how it is brought in. We DO ask that you bring in the current seasons items. SPRING/SUMMER February-September *WINTER Mid-September-January*

We do NOT itemize your items, but you have the option to provide a list with your inventory. Because of the large volume of items’ we go through daily we do NOT guarantee how your go backs will be returned to you (ex. neatly folded).

 We are NOT responsible for go backs that are left behind. If left we will attempt to call for you to pick up your items within a 24 hour timeframe. If not, the items will be donated immediately. THANK YOU for understanding, our space is limited.


Clothing that is faded, pili, stained, ripped, damaged, missing buttons/snaps, dirty or full of pet hair. Please make sure items are wrinkle and odor free.

No clothing older than 4/5 years old unless “vintage” or “classic”. We also do not accept Wal-Mart or K-Mart brand items.

Wedding or bridal party specific dresses are limited. Items that advertise a business/experience. Hard to sell items. We reserve the right to limit our intakes to contemporary, trendy & quality items.